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Cavern Diver

* 2 Days

The Cavern Diver program is the first step in the complete eight-day Cave Diver curriculum. It introduces students to basic cave diving skills, such as equipment configuration, guideline and reel use, specialized buoyancy control, body position and propulsion techniques. It's also a way to evaluate students to make sure they possess the necessary abilities before entering the fragile cave environment.

Introductory Cave Diver

* 2-4 days

Students go beyond the caven zone and begin making actual cave dives.  By limiting penetration gas to roughly 40 cubic feet, avoiding decompression and prohibiting any sort of jumps, gaps or complex navigation, students focus on planning dives on the main guideline. Situational awareness and emergency skills are critical elements of this course.

Cave Diver

* 8-10 days

The final step in the cave training process, this course refines all fundamental and emergency skills under more challenging conditions. Students are expected to demonstrate their readiness to be full-fledged members of the cave diving community, especially with regard to safety and cave  conservation.

Sidemount Cave Diver

* 2 days

A specialty course, designed to expose the experienced cave diver to alternative cylinder and harness configurations when back-mounted cylinders are not appropriate or available.

Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver

* 3-4 days

This program is designed to familiarize the experienced, certified cave diver with the techniques; equipment and mindset required for side mount / no mount diving activities in an underwater, major restricted overhead environment.

Open Water  Diver

* 5-6 Days

This is where it all begins. The PADI Open Water course trains you in the basics of SCUBA diving, equipment use, and how to safely explore the underwater worid with your buddies. The course involves classwork, pool sessions and open water dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver

* 2-3 days

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program takes your diving abilities and adventures to the next level. This course will hone the skills you already learned and add new ones to your skill set. Course includes deep dive, navigation dive and three adventure dives with your instructor.

Rescue Diver Course

* 3-4 days

The PADI Rescue Diver program trains you to come to the aid of other divers who may need help. You learn rescue skills along with First-Aid and the use of oxygen first aid. It's one of the most rewarding courses you can take.

Nitrox & Trimix Courses

* 1-6 days

A full line of mixed gas courses from basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix are availible. You will learn how to use and handle different gas mixtures and decompression procedures. All levels including Technical Diver and Technical Cave Diver.

Emergency First Response & DAN Courses

*1 day

The Emergency First Response (EFR) courses train you in basic CPR, First-Aid and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Courses in becoming an EFR Instructor are also available. The full line of DAN classes are also available.

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