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The Instructor

IANTD - Technical Cave Instructor

NSS-CDS - Cave & Sidemount Instructor

PADI - Master Instructor

DAN - Instructor Trainer

Mal Maloney

I started diving over 27 years ago on our honeymoon in St. John VI. It wasn't long after that I earned my SCUBA certification in San Diego.


I always wanted to dive after growing up watching Sea Hunt on TV. After a couple of years of diving I earned my Advanced Open Water diver certification. In 1992 I qualified to join the Riverside County Sheriff's Dive Team and trained to be a Public Safety Diver. I have been working with the Sheriff's Dive team for over 25 years.


In 1998 I went to Florida to be trained as a cave diver. Shortly after that I was invited by the National Park Service to join the Devils Hole Dive Team as a safety diver. I still serve as a trainer and safety diver for the National Park Service. Devils Hole is an underwater cave system that is home to the rarest fish on earth, the Devils Hole pupfish.


I have been diving the Florida caves every year for the last 18 years and for several years have been taking groups to train and dive in the Florida caves. Cave diving is now my specialty and favorite course to teach. My greatest enjoyment is watching a new cave student come up from his or her first cave dive and then seeing how much they have progressed by the end of their training.


Training is paid for, but certification is earned. I will do all I can to help the student earn their certification. It's a lot of hard work but rewarding and fun. Above all, to be safe.

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